Bed & Breakfast San Michele

Bed & Breakfast San Michele - Via C.Ridolfi 24, 56124 PISA - Mob. +39 335 8159525 - Tel +39 050 570267

The Garden

The garden of the B&B San Michele is our relax corner.
You can lay down and rest after a hot day or a work commitment.

In the late spring the garden wakes up and starts to be full of flowers and aromatic herbs that we usually use for cooking and to decorate your breakfast.

In the summer time we use to serve the international breakfast in the garden, starting the day in the green and the nature.

During the day, after coming back from a tour in Pisa or its neighborhoods, or from your job, you can rest and cool off in complete relax.

Our guests and friends are absolutely in love with the corner where you find the wooden oven where we have cooked lot of baking-tins and “pizza” for the joy of guests, parents and friends.